Customer-first philosophy,
with attention to
quality manufacturing.
High quality

A work environment realized through a strong management organization.

A fully-equipped production environment with milling machines and jig borers. Also, a high-grade quality assurance system is in place, complete with world-class measuring equipment such as Carl Zeiss three-dimensional measuring equipment, and an environment-simulation room on premises.


Highly-developed technical and testing organization.

Our company has many advanced skills developed over many years, as well as many highly-skilled workers. In order to further improve the accuracy of high-precision instruments, every worker performs manual adjustments and checks. Also, we are aggressive in training young workers, in order to pass on the accumulated knowledge.


We have been internationally recognized under ISO9001.

We are devoted to traceability by in-house performance of every process from order-taking, production, testing and delivery. Our efforts to please each and every customer were acknowledged in April 2002 with ISO9001 recognition.


Fast delivery

Processes are shortened as much as possible by all work being done in-house.


Generally, all processes from order taking to delivery are done entirely in-house. Because of this, we are able to consider deadlines that would be impossible for others. We are also very confident of the support of our suppliers to be able to handle same-day orders for materials for processing the next day. Our entire staff is eager to do evertyhing it takes to satisfy our customers.
*The number of days is a guide, and will change depending on the order.


Low priced

Decreased indirect costs

Our company is focused on manufacturing. Because of this, our office and sales staff is very small in comparison to our manufacturing staff. We are able to eliminate unnecessary labour costs and reduce indirect costs as much as possible, in order to acheieve low-cost products without reducing quality, and providing customers with the most affordable products.



I’m worried because I don’t know the quality.
We are constantly improving inspection equipment and improving the skills of inspectors. In addition, with the exception of some products, all products are heat-treated and sub-zero treated in-house, and finished products are subjected to final inspection in a constant temperature laboratory. Please be assured that we have delivered results to most domestic automobile manufacturers. If you still feel uneasy, you can visit the factory, so feel free to contact us.
How long is the delivery time?
Depending on the product, a standard-shaped single-measurement-gauge takes 20 to 30 days, a special-purpose single-measurement-gauge with drawings takes 20 to 40 days, and dedicated measurement gauges and jigs that require assembly takes 30 to 50 days.
The delivery date varies depending on the situation, so please feel free to ask for a quote first.
I have a work I want to measure, but I am not sure what gauge to make.
Since our company has a department specializing in design, we can provide advice based on our experience and achievements if we can obtain information on the work diagram and measurement section. If it is a simple thing, we will consult you by email or telephone, and we will visit you for complicated inspection tools and jigs. Please feel free to contact us.
Do you have stock items?
We are sorry, we do not have inventory. All products will be manufactured after ordering.